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Grassroots Organic Farm Plots

About Denkanikottai

Known for its pleasant climate situated at an altitude of 3000 Feet Above MSL, This town is very well known for its agriculture and floriculture industries. Roses from this region are exported all over the world. The location of Denkanikottai offers a very cool and pleasant climate throughout the year apart from clean air and good water due to ample rainfalls this area receives. Home to Numerous lakes, Denkanikottai is a scenic paradise.

Being very close to Hosur and Bangalore, Denkanikottai also offers excellent prospects for real-estate growth as the professionals living in Bangalore and Hosur need a quiet place to relax and enjoy nature that they once enjoyed in their cities.

Real Estate prospects: 

Property rates prevailing in Hosur and Surroundings are quite reasonable compared to Bangalore. Because of the strategic location, upcoming infrastructure and connectivity, market participants are expecting robust growth of real estate in Hosur.


Denkanikottai is known to be having the finest soil fertility combined with ample water resources and excellent climate that had made this region one of the main regions for cultivation and supply of agriculture and floriculture produce to its nearest and biggest market - Bangalore. Most of the investments that are happening in this area is to take advantage of the market proximity and access. Nowadays with the awareness various harmful effects due to the consumption of agri produce that have pesticides and grown with chemical fertilisers, Educated and upwardly mobile population is ready to pay any price for quality clean organic fruits and vegetables. You can have your own organic vegetables and fruits grown in your grassroots farm plots


Weather being the best factor that pulls a good number of mass towards the location. The climate is serene, fresh, breezy, bliss comparatively to other cities regardless of the season. The city is undoubtedly one of the desired locations for the tourists who would expect their visit to be justified with complete satisfaction.



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