About MyAsset Developers

My Asset Developers are involved in identifying and developing the potential of emerging real estate. Our success is based on strong research and partnerships. Our core values of Integrity, Transparency and Accountability have enabled us to become a trusted player in the asset development segment.

We cherish our relationships and nurture them in order to create the great value the future holds for you. My Asset Developers brings you “still within reach” investment opportunities for first-time buyers and a tempting prospect for clever investors looking for top choice opportunities. Our market knowledge with an understanding of the development process and our team of experts ensure investment success.

We know the secret: “You make money when you buy a property rather than when you sell it” – Because you pay the right price for a property. Every developing area you invest in is priced lower than a highly developed area. With its passion and never ending commitment, “My Asset Developers” assures you that you will win the real-estate game every time.


What we offer

MyAsset Developers presents an unrivalled property investment package with competitive prices. We keep it simple. From your first enquiry to the day of completion we work to achieve the best results for all our Investors.

My Asset Developers have a number of Residential gated community plots and Farm Plots in and around Chennai / Bengaluru. These Gated community plots and Farm PLots offers excellent investment opportunities for those who are keen to invest in properties in Chennai

To enhance the services that we can provide to our Investors we have a specialist Investment management Team to offer a personal yet professional service to any property investor considering becoming a landlord. With years of experience and a sound knowledge of the local area we offer a range of services tailored to help you become the landlord. You can feel safe and secure in knowing that your investment is being securely handled.

We work together to ensure that everyone involved in your transaction of becoming a landlord takes the right steps at the right time. At the same time, we make sure that all the very important legalities relating to this big investment for you are sorted quickly and with minimum fuss. Always making sure that your interests are protected.

Our friendly staff is always willing to offer help and advice.

Friendly, relaxed people to deal with
Advice on the legal requirements
Advice on tax, and NRI landlords’ requirements
Fixed price, including expenses
No hidden charges
No Consultancy Fee
Local Knowledge and Professional contacts
We Keep you informed – the best way that suits you
Experienced people, always available
We can advise on contractors and supervise the building work project on your behalf

My Asset Developers Agri Ventures


Planning, Infrastructure and Greenery Development

Provide Support systems, Security to whole Community members.

Agronomic Advice

All agri Input procurement, and supply of Skilled farm labours to ensuring upkeep of the plots and plantations.

Common Infrastructure and avenue maintenance

Protecting the environment and maintaining biodiversity



We aspire to become a nationally acclaimed company to provide services to transform BARREN LAND to PRODUCTIVE ones. In addition, we look forward to change FARMING into FORTUNE.

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