At Just 1 Hour Drive from Electronic City – Bangalore, Spread over 50 acres on the banks of a perennial fresh water lake…

Grassroots Farm Land and Plots near Hosur could be close to what is called a “Paradise”

About GrassRoots Organic Farms

The Grassroots Farm Plots sprawls across an area of over 50 acres.  Not very far from Bangalore city and close to Hosur, Grassroots is a tranquillising place where you can spend your weekends or live a weekend lifestyle with your family. Situated in a pristine unpolluted area, Grassroots Farmlands is located on the gentle hillside slope besides a freshwater lake.

Why GrassRoots Organic Farms ?

Grassroots offers you once in a lifetime opportunity to buy your own little Farmland with assured peace of mind.

Your Investment in Grassroots farm plots near Bangalore will be a very profitable decision, if you are to look at today a few days down in the future.

Imagine having your  own organic paradise that is producing bountiful healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Also Imagine the peace of mind you will feel while relaxing in your own Farmhouse listening to the chirping of birds and the cool gentle breeze relaxing you.

The Best Farm Project in the Outskirts of Bangalore ?

Grass Roots Organic Farm Plots – Farm Plots very close to Bangalore… Yet So faaar from its Chaos !

Where is GrassRoots ?

The Grassroots Organic Farm Plots is situated at a distance of 10 kms from Denkanikottai 34 kms Hosur and 50 km form Electronics City, Bangalore via Attibelle-TVS factory. .

What Is the Plot Size ?

Each farm plot in Grassroots comprises of 10,000 Sq feet (22 cents-approx 1/4 acre) of fertile Red Soil where you can create your own piece of heaven.

Farm Plot Development ?

Our experienced horticulture and agriculture specialists will help you to convert your farm land into an organic paradise and maintain it.

Investing In Grass Roots Farm Plots ?

Grassroots offers you once in a lifetime opportunity to buy your own little Farmland with assured peace of mind.

Your Investment in Grassroots farm plots near Bangalore can be a very lucrative offer, if you are to look at this a few days down in the future when you have your own organic paradise that is producing bountiful healthy fresh fruits and vegetables…

Life Like it Should be !

Imagine the peace of mind you will feel relaxing in your own Farmhouse listening to the chirping of birds and a cool gentle breeze relaxing you.

Life At Grassroots !

You Set the Pace of your Life !

Your life at grassroots will be as you choose it to be… It can be as lazy as possible as you wake up to the chirping of the birds go for your lazy walk around the lake and the farm on the hill slopes looking at the bees buzzing and the gentle cool weather relaxing you ever more.


Your Ideal Work From Home Destination !
Or this could be your work at home destination from where you can connect with your company and clients while  still you are at the comfort of a fully relaxing organic farm tending to the organic vegetable garden as you work and rejuvenate yourselves

Your Week End Fun Home !

This could be a Ideal week end home where you can come with your family and friends have a party in our clubhouse while your kids explore nature. You can setup your open air barbecue or campfire to enjoy life to the fullest.


Become a Farmer ! Reconnect with Nature !

And most importantly as a nature lover, Grassroots will connect you back with mother nature. We will setup a state of the art Organic garden as per your requirements, Your choice of fruit bearing trees and vegetable plants will be established and our staff can take care of them for you.

Your Adventure Base Camp !

Grassroots Organic Farm Lands Hosur is situated in a hotbed of biodiversity. You can go to watch the birds or fishing at the nearby lake or  You can go cycling in the relaxing countryside or explore the wildlife at the reserve forests in the nearby areas

The Natures Classroom !

Children today are deprived of the life in nature. Studies have shown that children who grow and are exposed to natural surroundings grow with better Intellect and Health. Gift your children the best gift you can give them – NATURE. 

Key Snapshots about Grassroots

Only 10 Km From Denkanikotta

34 KMS from Hosur Bus stand

50 KMS from Electronics City

Premium location

Next to Green fields and fresh water Lake,

Pollution Free Environment

Safe Area with complete Power fencing

Best Climate, Better than Bangalore

Lowest Prices with High Returns potential

Water efficient luxuriant green landscape planning

Use of rain water harvesting

100% Drip Irrigation installed in each plot .

Provision for water and Electricity supply in each Plot.

Option for intensive organic Cultivation

What will you get..


Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean unpolluted food have become a Luxury today. At Grassroots Farm Plots Hosur,  you can be assured that there will be no dearth of the above. and no dearth of a healthy life.


Your investment in Grassroots Farm Plots  will pay you back abundantly. You can plan commercial trees like sandalwood or teak which could enable you to draw a rich harvest in about 15 years thereby paying your investment many times over.


The modern world has disconnected us from our families and loved ones ! Your time at the farm will reignite the family ties and give spark to the passion in life. You can also connect better with your Friends.

Service Overview

Planning, Infrastructure and Greenery Development

Provide Support systems, Security to whole Community members.

Agronomic Advice

All agri Input procurement, and supply of Skilled farm labours to ensuring upkeep of the plots and plantations.

Common Infrastructure and avenue maintenance

Protecting the environment and maintaining biodiversity

Layout Design

Depending on your requirement, We will develop your farm plot with Fruit Trees,Commercial Trees or A organic Vegetable Garden.


We have full time staff who will ensure your plants thrive and grow by ensuring regular watering through our irrigation network and drip irrigation systems.


We have a variety of landscaping plants and trees that would enhance the entire landscape of Grassroots Farm Lands thereby ensuring a pleasant environment.

Plant Selection

Plants will be selected as per the plot and your requirement after taking into consideration the soil type and micro climate of your farm plot.

Location Map

How to reach GrassRoots Organic Farm Plots – Dhenkanikottai – Hosur 

Situated at a distance of around 50 Kms from Electronics City Bangalore, You can reach Grassroots from via the TVS Factory From Athibele Junction Just after Electronics City. Youwill reach the prokject after crossing Dhenkanikottai on the road that goes to Anchatti / Hogenagal Waterfalls Road.

About Dhenkanikottai

Denkanikottai – neighbouring town of Grassroots, is Known for its pleasant climate situated at an altitude of 3000 Feet Above MSL, This town is very well known for its agriculture and floriculture industries. Roses from this region are exported all over the world.

The location of Denkanikottai offers a very cool and pleasant climate throughout the year apart from clean air and good water due to ample rainfalls this area receives. Home to Numerous lakes, Denkanikottai is a scenic paradise.

About Hosur…

Hosur  is the home to several automobile and manufacturing industries which includes major players like Hindustan Motors, TVS motors, Bata, TTK, Del Monte, Hindustan Level etc.  Hosur is the fastest growing town / city in Tamilnadu. There are plans for development of a SEZ which will help boost the real estate sector in both Hosur and other towns around Bangalore. Also in the works is the Hosur Airport. Apart from the manufacturing sector,  Hosur is also produces a variety of vegetables and fruits. The land in Hosur is fertile and the constant supply of fresh water has attributed to good farming here. The fertile land and supply of water has also helped in making Hosur a popular destination for industries and a popular destination for people looking to settle down.

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