What is driving the demand for “My Own Farm” across various cities in India!

The past few years are witnessing a rise in the demand for farmland and farm houses in India. There is a new generation of first time farmers / hobby farmers drving this demand.

Reasons for increased demand

The indian economic reforms process started in the year 1991. This ushered in  various new industries like Information Technology, Financial Services, Biotechnology etc.  Leading to economic growth and prosperity across various cities.  The growth has been the highest since Independence.

But the economic prosperity has come in at a cost for the people who benefited the most from it.

Lifestyle Changes and its effects

Several lifestyle diseases and other health-related problems like Diabetes, Obesity, Mental health Issues, Heart diseases, Cancer, Respiratory diseases etc. are beginning to surface very early. Premature deaths in the early 40s and 50s are becoming common.

The advent of social media is also spreading awareness on the various issues.  Increased levels of urban pollution, farm products contaminated by Industrial / Chemical farming, pesticide-laden poultry, and meat produce are being slowly being identified as the main cause of the health issues.

The search for a Healthier Lifestyle

This is giving rise to the organic food industry the world over. People are ready to pay more for produce that is not contaminated with chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Also increasing is the interest for healthier lifestyles.  Farming is perceived as a healthy lifestyle option. Lots of professionals are contemplating farming as a hobby or as a post-retirement occupation.

The Solution – “Farming and Farm Houses “?

In continuation of this trend, concepts like weekend farming, lifestyle farming and homesteading are beginning to see increased interest and almost all major metros.  Cities like Bangalore, Chennai Etc, are seeing the rise of farming communities and  farm plots projects near cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai within a radius of 100 Kms.

These farm projects are promising the prospective lifestyle farmer the benefits of living on a farm but in a controlled safe environment.

A lot of these farm plot gated communities are making farming accessible while also providing easy management of their farms.

With the increase in awareness about healthier lifestyles, We foresee a lot of growth and progress in this sector in the coming years.

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